Friday, January 05, 2007

We have 52 purchased domain names; and hosting of a few of them has been set up. Mark has established and/or perfected our accounts in Clickbank, PayPal, eBay, Amazon, Google...MSN and Yahoo are next.

Has anything been left out - or forgotten? No doubt...

...but at least we're moving forward together with the new business.

Advancing previous discussions, we took digital photos of each other so we can introduce ourselves more properly to the online community.

Mark edited the images in PhotoShop and we discussed framing issues related to our marketing strategies.

Monday through Friday - from 9:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M. - we will meet at my home office to bring Mainspring Mindshares to life. This week, we didn't get started until Wednesday, but we'll stay on this schedule beginning Monday.

What had been a storage area - the adjacent sunroom between the office and a small rose garden outside - has slowly begun to take shape as a separate office for Mark, and now we can work from our own computers at our own desks, while still being able to have normal conversations.

We feel that there are just too many words and too much media in most of our lives today.

And chewing up life in our little corners of suburbia is an all-consuming experience.

We talked about persuasion - and crowded marketplaces. Competition from worthy competitors. I alluded to what I now famously refer to as that real estate between our ears which is so relentlessly assaulted because we allow it.

Mark still objects to my use of big words...especially if I am to keep him engaged. He reminds me of another Mark I once knew in high school, who, upon interrupting my blather with someone else - after not seeing each other for a week or so - was startled to hear me say pardon me to him, as if I had assumed some alien nicety or affectation unbecoming of a "regular dude" we might deem worthy of his association!

In both instances both Marks just kinda chuckled...since proper dudes just don't use such words from outside their own circles, do they?

Which also reminds me of another friend of mine, Dan, from Marquette, Michigan, I also knew in high school earlier in Bossier City, Louisiana, who commented one day about some asinine blowhard pulling off a typical high school prank by saying, "Such a crude individual...", while the rest of us laughed and laughed at his uncommon choice of words...whereas, in this vulgar scene, most high school dudes (esteemed by the appellation) usually might just say, "Cool!"

All in's been a healthy start. Communication happens best when our time can be spent being playful and joyful...and laughter works too...

...since LIFE is what we live on our way to bigger and better things.