Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Five little pumpkins sitting on a fence...

The first one said, "Oh my, it's getting late!"
The second one said, "There are witches in the air!"
The third one said, "But we don't care!"
The fourth one said, "Let's run, and run, and run!"
And the fifth one said, "I'm ready for some fun!"

Isn't fun a little more *palatable than most other choices we have in our lives to make?

What makes us believe this is not an empirical observation, or something not worthy of our attention?

What constitutes our understanding of something called an ecstatic truth?

Or just a plain truth, as opposed to, say, an unspoken truth? Or the awful truth, as it were?

Truth be told, we have our sensory perceptions, and we have our experiences - when all else is said and done.

So, who's to say what meme(s) will resonate in an individual organism? Which will translate easily and well within an expanded organism?

That stick in our individual and collective minds - and refuse to let any of us go?

Will we be able to formulate new guiding principles which determine new actions? Promote new vistas of opportunity?

Or new tableaux to exploit for our pillage and plunder?

Pitting the weak against the strong? The meek against the hucksters, charlatans, and chieftains of this world?

What drives our survival? Our ambitions? The existence and propogation of these memes?

Let's rely on what we actually already have - at our disposal - as opposed to what we don't have, to provide us some solutions.

And we do know this: The best things in life are still free...


[*Tomorrow: What does one do with leftover Halloween pumpkins?]

Monday, October 30, 2006

Tomorrow night is Halloween, our favorite holiday of the year!

In the past we can remember more than a few bizarre parties, always great fun. Back in the 80s, some accused a few of us of thinking everyday was Halloween, such was the stuff of our legends then.

But at 8:00 CST tomorrow, we'll be joining Ben Mack on a live call for a little Q&A session - one only for the brave of heart and stout of mind, (fair warning) we're told.

Dial in at 712-432-3000 and enter the bridge number, 938678, to join in - just to eavesdrop, or interact, as is your wont!

And be afraid...be very afraid! Especially, any of you faint of heart and wit por wittle pud'n' haids to wonder with...

As my brother, the comedian, used to say, "Just pull out of it! And get a life while you're at it!"

Ben's a little more than your average dude, and we hope Wes Unruh is on the call too. In fact, the more attendees of his recent Atlanta workshop on the call...the livelier it promises to be.

Poor Mark, the kids will be a-pullin' at him, but he tells us "a little orchestration may be in order this night", so we'll stay tuned for him.

Might we call that disorder, Mark? At least the kids aren't old enough to be tee-peein' houses yet, or terrorizing the neighborhood unnecessarily so!

Whether 20, 60, or 300+ are on the line just does not matter. Be there or be square, all you dilettantes, pseudo-intellectuals and raconteurs you. Take a quick trip to the darkside of life for a change...

Ben and Wes' blog links can be found on the right side of this here page...so check out what all the fuss is about. A little background check will do a body good.

If any of you hobgoblins must miss the live call, check back later in Ben's blog for the recorded repeat. Take an aspirin if you must...beforehand...and hold onto yourself, for heaven's sake.

Both Ben and Wes are into something called memes, those mysterious bits of dynamic infobites which rhyme with "genes", and act almost the same.

A fanfaronade, this is not, friends, tho we will suggest it be just short of a fare-thee-well. Okay? Let's just listen in and see...

Points scored for opening your rag-eared copy of I Ching, beforehand, if you can even find it. Close those winkers...stab one wittle finner on any opened page...now open.

There now. Feel enlightened?

As it relates to the evolution of our common sick human condition, and especially as it relates to why it is the world oft times seems so ****ed up, here's an ideal opportunity to gain some insight into how to make things all better - starting with a little brain candy.

Trick or treat? Open up, please! (Rhetoric need not be implied when the end-game is all about mischief...and good clean fun!)

It's that real estate between our ears again - calling for some attention - tomorrow night, kids.

See ya there...or here...oh, hell...whatever!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Dave Navarro is one memorable person we met recently at Ben Mack's cool Think Two Sales Ahead workshop in Atlanta. Awash with simple, executable ideas for helping us, he impressed Mark and I both with his breadth of knowledge and sincerity.

Something in Dave's DNA keeps him sooo focused on whomever he's listening to or speaking to...that is so refreshing and inspirational.

And it was all we could do to redirect his attention away from our needs and concerns long enough to find out more about what makes Dave tick. After all, we simply don't run into such naturally caring people every day, and our own piddly interests seemed to pale in comparison to our interest in Dave anyway.

Be that as it may, what we learned about this remarkable fellow is he's overcome some tremendous obstacles from his earliest formative years and had identified his life's journey from a time before he became a teenager. He's known what his life's purpose was before most of us got out of Little League or Girl Scouts!

Dave is one ready, steady guy we are proud to call a new friend and life partner - and, as a professional life coach, he's THE one we'd like always to be in our corner.

When FOCUS, ORGANIZATION and RESULTS matter most...we'll go to the guy who's NOT the rock star...OUR guy is www.DaveNavarro.com

Thanks for allowing us the pleasure, Dave!

Welcome to Mainspring Mindshares.

: )