Saturday, January 13, 2007

Reflections on everything old becomes new again - things between and beyond...

This past week Mark and I worked together - according to our pre-arranged schedule - on the creation of our first real information product.

Though we followed a rather circuitous route to begin its implementation the project at least has the look and feel of something which adheres to our brand evidenced in our Legend Platform.

And as it was fun, it remains so - a worthwhile thing - a proverbial work-in-progress!

This Saturday morning it's threatening to sleet outside and I'm happily allowing myself the latitude to have the feeling of no direction - destination unknown take me over whilst the words and the melody of an 80s tune with similar lyrics...
rhapsodizes...rhythmically in my head.

So it's a lovely beginning to a well-deserved lazy day which guides my destiny...and I have no regrets...

...for such days always fuel my energies and inform my passions.

As I meander about my way - like you, sometimes, might expect - I often learn more as an accidental tourist than if I had followed along the beaten path of the tour guide within me.

I read some emails, reread others, listened to a few audio and video tutorials, and generally selfishly pleasured only me, myself, and I knows how to do best. (Don't sink to the level of the guttersnipe now...:)

Just consider me the penultimate expert about some things, okay?

Anyway, I glanced through Kevin Hogan's Covert Persuasion a little again, ignored a couple of bill collector calls, reminded Laura - and myself - about the Top Ten important people in our lives, then stopped... consider just how insular our lives had become...of our separateness from human events - unimportant...out of sight...out of mind - not of our own creation or directly related to our present circumstance.

It's not a happy state of affairs, is it?

Upstairs, I went to check on Laura giving Rocky (our little Pom-Bomber) his weekly (bi-weekly?) bath, and in a box in an anteroom I discovered one of my late Mom's books, Orgone, Reich & Eros: Wilhelm Reich's Theory of Life Energy, by W. Edward Mann.

Now since I had only a few days ago been reading about radionics, ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) scores and orgone therapy it's only natural I'd be drawn to this book, don't ya think?

Hell, while routinely throwing out direct mail pieces from A.A.R.P. - presumably since some bot discovered I was now past 50 - I was delighted to discover the social networking site, cRANKy; but upon learning "sex" is the #1 search term for my fellow boomers today, and "Eons" has an "Obits" section, I wasn't so delighted after all!

So, perusing the innards I come upon the first page of the first chapter, and lo and behold, highlighted in yellow (energy) is "...his death in prison in 1957...", no doubt, manually applied by my dear Mom's own hand...sometime about 1973, the time of its first printing.

This made me think of one of Mom's constant admonitions to me as I was growing up..."Be careful what you say, Larry. They'll put you in prison."

To which I usually scoffed or laughed - one or the other - because I didn't want to believe that the thought police would ever come knocking at MY door; nor did I accept the possibility that such an occurrence ever would exist, though it may have existed as a reality for some...back in the dark ages...before MY time.

But there it was - a concrete reinforcement that this kind of stuff "has happened" in my lifetime - here in the good ole USA! And Mom knew something about it...

Wilhelm Reich was a contemporary of Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung, and his crazy ideas were experiencing a revival, of sorts, about the time I was in junior college - a time of intense introspection and revelation in my life, so I was not wholly unfamiliar with his theses.

What has captured my fascination this morning is the fact that this particular book jumped out at me at all...just when it did.

It catalyzes some of the causality notions I've held for some time, in that random chance is simply not an acceptable reality if we but choose to open our energy pathways and allow ourselves to just be like the open-ended conduits of energy we really are.

Assumptions of what is real and what is not are at the heart of self-imposed limitations we too-often place on our existence, preventing us from living the life of fulfillment we deserve.

Like Royal Rife, of Rife Frequency Generator fame, Reich too was hounded by the FDA for his "claims that orgone energy therapy might one day become a demonstrated treatment to assist in the cure of cancer." After being considered one of Freud's most promising new contemporaries - in the relatively new field of psychoanalysis - over time he had difficulty keeping friends and winning converts and money to his "overwrought and complicated" causes, which were just too far out for their time. In fact, many, including his peers, and, of course, the federales thought of him as schizophrenic - a dangerous, must-be-subverted quack.

So Freud, and Albert Einstein, eventually shunned him, and Reich died in prison. The same kind of travesty which befell Galileo before him.

[Which only goes to show you: Use your insight to support the powers-that-be, or risk being ostracized. Prepare for the worst in advance - or just shut the ***k up!]

As Professor Mann so correctly states in his introduction, Reich's ideas about energy, social behavior, politics, even the human libido and its relationship to the cosmos itself, have consistently curried new favor and won over new fans for his theories to this present day.
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It's up to us to carry the torch...

And I couldn't help but note my interest, too, in Reikian therapy, or, as some would have it called - even derisively - the laying of healing hands on the human body, because the Japanese word reiki reminds me of the German word reich, or empire.
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Creation of Order = Initiation of Chaos

You might enjoy Armed Madhouse, by Greg Palast, for a contemporary read on the current situation in Washington, that'll make you bust a gut laughing (to keep from cryin'?). Then read Reich's books like Character Analysis (about how our entire personalities are self-serving, self-defeating - pure fakery with little connection to reality), Cosmic Superimposition: Man's Orgonotic Roots in Nature (and its relation to elan vital), Mass Psychology of Fascism (discover the parallels between the Nazi regime of the Third Reich and present-day America's mass psychosis, exploitation of the many by the few, self-delusion and betrayal of our own self-interests), The Sexual Revolution (no wonder we got wound up in the 60s, and freaked out, turned on or turned out by the 80s), and especially, Listen, Little Man (a chilling expose of a people, a society, gone blind, and the impetus for going after him in the first place), and you tell me this man's prescience doesn't deserve his rising star, after all.

Robert Anton Wilson (just passed away) once wrote a play, Wilhelm Reich in Hell, based on his life; and William Steig, Norman Mailer, William S. Burroughs, and Orson Bean had all undergone Reich's orgone therapy before.

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Beyond the grave, he remains in good company, my friends. But on terra firma we must know that our ability to live as free men is always under those same few who would have us under the yoke...pulling their plows - these same sadists who tyrannized our forebears. They're like unfeeling, unthinking "do-gooders" - insisting on their worldview as superior to yours. Did you make all these rules which constrain you, or do you just want to go along with the program laid out for you, without a plan to escape?

Do you still have free will?

Which reminds me, I have to finish reading this book in a hurry so I can revisit Viktor Schauberger's writings on water-based power generation (via vortex action in a closed cycle) - concepts not too far apart from Reich's concepts of perpetual motion, force multiplier FX (my words), and orgasms. :)

Pseudo-sciences, from pseudo-intellectuals all, we're told still to this day!

Is this why the U.S. Government had his writings burned while they had him safely behind bars?

But, by "cracky", I'll be danged and determined, even if I can't find the tie-in, and crack the proverbial code myself one day, I will!

(How's that, for cranky, huh?)

Are we so empty-headed and self-centered that we deny ourselves the freedom to passionately and excitedly just be truly alive?

Who is it that told you that your life is not your own? To be lived on YOUR terms and yours alone?

How much insanity have you bought into - without ever realizing it?

When we definitively describe our purpose - our mission - in life, are we too-hurriedly short-changing ourselves?

I think so.

I think, therefore, I am but a product of my own imagination. Thus, can I be the victim of setting my own limitations in quick-drying cement - like you, maybe?

But more on this story it's still being lived...

...a work still in progress...and its telling must wait!

Oh yea, like this work-in-progress from last week... a couple of suburban internet marketing noobs (neophytes) named...

"Mark and Lark"