Saturday, January 06, 2007

It's no secret I appreciate readers and writers , psych-docs and story-tellers, truth-seekers and myth busters - especially...

artists and composers or organizers.

Which is not to say I don't also appreciate those wishing to eliminate malicious intent from their lives or those only wishing to make me laugh or smile...

like clowns and rabble-rousers or town criers.

And there's only so much artifice I can stomach from anyone - including myself!

My heros are those who lack obvious self-consciousness or those who, like me, are all-too-human...

Like these guys...

The Dullards

A dullard sat atop a flagpole
Whether or not
The weather might change.
And would it not be too strange
For a flop to flip
Or his friend to sit
While both start
Their brains?

Or this guy...

Why? It Matters How To(o)!

No matter the problem

No matter the solution

No matter the question

No matter the answer

For everything

And everyone

That matters





Always ask, “Why?”

A big enough reason

Makes the how to(o)


So the secret's out - you're just my kind - a healer, a help-mate and a time-traveler too.

And now left I'm wondering...

From where it is YOU sit, just exactly where DO you fit?

Do it on a lark...