Sunday, January 28, 2007

Read the serial comic adventures of Mark and Lark - two internet marketing noobs with no products for sale and no customer lists...yet!

This is a free downloadable comic strip series which tells the story of two new business owners just starting out... trying to make their first $1M online.

Will they succeed? Against some pretty strong odds?

Maybe they will - maybe they won't! Maybe...just maybe...they have an arsenal of secret weapons you may want to know about! ~lol~

Mark is a wannabe graphics artist; and Lark is a wannabe book author. We hate sales, and, in fact, we really don't like business, either!

We're never gonna be your coach, your mentor, your teacher or your savior. And we ain't know-it-alls - or experts about nuthin'!

Instead, we might become valuable allies for you - as you may well be for us.

Like you, maybe, we just wanna work from home, escape the traffic jams in the big city, and earn a great living online - without compromising one damn thing!

And we don't ever want to do anything we view as shady, sleazy, or even downright uncomfortable!

"What's that, you say?"

"You hate sales...and you hate business too!"

"How're you guys ever gonna make any money?"

Okay...we hear ya...loud and clear!

But there's a method to our won't wanna miss.

To find out what we're up to...just stay tuned. Enter your email address in the Feedblitz box to your right...comment as often as you wish to our blog posts...and we'll see to it you find out - as it happens in real-time! :)

How easy is it to download (y)our first comic episode - with the source code - to freely place on your own website? It's as easy as clicking on this Mark and!


Think Two Products Ahead, by Ben Mack, besides being a great new book you really need to read, is a state-of-the-art book marketing campaign worth watching too! And today is launch day - with participation by many of the internet's top-drawer online marketers - so get ready to learn!


Today is the coming out party for our brand doctor friend, Ben Mack!

Last October, in Atlanta, Mark and I attended his Think Two Sales Ahead workshop to initiate ourselves into the nebulous world of branding and brand development.

And, yes, we were one of those who spent $197 for his eBook before that.

The 3-day workshop cost over $4000, including travel and lodging...which we gladly paid...even after having paid the price for the high-dollar eBook!

Why, might you ask, will we each buy a copy of his just-released new book on Amazon - Think Two Products Ahead - too?

It's pretty simple really - the reason why, I mean. To develop a brand today in a very competitive marketplace - especially when you're dealing in the marketplace of ideas - requires an honest review of the niches you want to trade in and a well-developed understanding of the subject of branding...

...and the new hardback book may reveal a new twist or take the editors over at Wylie could've helped Ben unveil!

The little guy can compete with the big guys, my friend...and Ben, believe you me, is the one who can actually make it happen for you!

Having personally met and come to know the guy in such an intimate setting - in a small conference room with some 40 pretty cool people - was the best introduction to the world of branding, publishing and internet marketing we could ever have hoped for...much less experienced.

In the short life of our new company we didn't feel then, nor do we feel now, that we could compete - much less survive - in this brave new world without it!

To this day Ben's emails are the most interesting - as compared to over 200 different marketers' email messages we receive - and most educational of these we religiously still read...

We're gonna succeed in this business against some pretty strong odds, mark my words.

And so will you!

Mark and I will give you a ringside seat as we develop a relationship with our new colleagues and customers.

We're brand new in this business - absolute neophytes - but we can help make something happen for all of us!

After you buy Ben's book - at under $ helluva bargain - why not check out our own Legend Platform...we learned to put together by studying Ben's teachings. Read all you can - and know you're gettin' some incredible insights from a master brand strategist - that'll prove to be of exponential value to you, I promise!

As a token of our appreciation for you - the little guy - we invite you to share in our misadventures...lament - or laugh - at our trials and all the mayhem we'll certainly create for ourselves...just starting out.

Mark and Lark are internet marketing greenhorns - real live noobs - with no products for sale and no customer list yet...and we live as suburbanites wanting a way out of the same mess we've all gotten ourselves into... why not follow along with us as we begin this journey together?

To date we've gotten a little traction with this web log and we've spent considerable time and money just getting our feet wet.

With much to learn still!

But you can subscribe to the Mainspring Mindshares blog free of charge and we can get to know one another - even have a bit of fun... our expense! You can even copy-and-paste - anytime you want - the content of this site. Hell, change a few words around - scramble 'em up - and combine 'em with your own words!

We're always gonna say, "Hey, have at it! It's within the public domain, if we say it is, right?"

And, as they're put together, we also want you to download our free comic strips, which will carry a Creative Commons license (no restrictions, with attribution), but are yours to freely pass around - any way you see fit!

Soon we will have a lot of stuff going will you, no doubt...but we wanna definitely keep in scroll down, check out the site, and...above all else, learn all you can to Think Two Products Ahead from a remarkable fellow indeed...our friend and yours - Ben Mack!

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