Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Lark - "Okay...oh yea, did you see that video I told you to check out? The night fishermen?"

Mark - "You mean the one with all the fish hittin' the Mexican guys in the face?"

Lark - "Tell ya what's so cool about it, Mark. It beats the hell out of kanoodlin' - even shootin' fish in a barrel. Wanna know why?"

Mark - "You mean noodlin'? Like Okies catchin' Cats by hand?"

Lark - "Yea, yea, you're from Oklahoma. Never went noodlin', Mark?"

Mark - "No...and I never shot fish in a barrel, either. So what?"

Lark - "Sheeeiish, man...this damn video explains all we need to know about internet marketing!"

Mark - "Don't go weird on me dude! Go ahead. Tell me somethin' I need to hear, alright?"

Lark - "We just need to shorten the learning curve, Mark! Why don't we see if we can throw down with somebody already doin' this crap?

Mark - "Yea, right! Like I need to become a wage slave again, huh? What about you? You think you can handle being a suck-up again, Lark?"

Lark - "Mark, I ain't interested in no fussin' and fightin' now, no strugglin' neither! We just need to seriously think about makin' some deals..."

Mark - "Heh, heh! Gimme a break! Noone wants to deal with noobs - with no products and no list! We're nobodies, Lark!"

Lark - "Would you trade a dollar to make two, Mark?"

Mark - "Hell yea, any day of the week! You can pull a deal like THAT off? Sign me up...I'm game!"

Fishing without bait at night. Amazing!!!