Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Mark - "I thought YOU had the plan..."

Lark - "Yea, and I thought YOU did!"

Mark - "Remember you said," 'We just need mass eyeballs to the sales page', so you could then put the hoodoo on 'em, right?"

Lark - "Alright, Mark, let's lay out the step-by-step - one more time, okay?

Mark - "Whatever! Give me somethin' to sell and I'll slap it up!"

Lark - "You know, Mark, this is the simple part. The whole world's pitchin' and catchin' and we're just the ones providing the message board - get it?"

Mark - "Of course, dude, you mean like at the Rangers game, right?"

Lark - "That'll work! We just need to sign up the players and put some asses in seats."

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