Monday, December 04, 2006

The ultimate virtual reality game is one which advances us in the reality-based Big Game of Life.

Which is why I'm so taken with the idea of a game for wordplay...which goes well beyond Scrabble or the Sunday crossword puzzle. One in which the player only competes with himself - choosing and ordering everyday words which can cause dramatic change to alter his/her life forever...decidedly for the better.

It is words...symbols or imagery, feelings and perceptions...which force us to define our thoughts, which, in turn, ultimately inspire us - individually or collectively - to action.

And it is the actions we take in life which really define who we are - or are to become.

Everything and anything which has transpired in our lives just seconds ago is so "yesterday"; and it's irretrievable - we can't just hit "replay" or "go back".

It's what happens - and what can happen - now, and seconds later, for which we can have the most immediate and direct influence.

The words which we choose to consciously inspire our present and future actions can have a huge impact in the ways we also conduct our busy-ness - a better word, I think, which does not separate our personal, interpersonal or professional dialogs.

Thus, in this capitalist financial system into which we have been thrust (the world of business), it is our business and personal relationships together - first, by our definition of our own Self*, then, second, all our interactions within ourself and with all others - which is the ultimate key, way beyond mere survival, to happiness and prosperity.

*[Question: What is "I"? / Answer: I made "I" up to suit a manufactured self-image of myself.]

A Legend Platform - a branding device, of sorts - is just words if the words contained in it have no real meaning. Words are most useful when they inspire a call to action which allows us to survive - or better still - to prosper and to flourish.

With prosperity, we have the opportunity to flourish - to be playful, to be joyful...

...which, for us, is what we chose to be the essence of our brand. (See our Legend Platform link to your right)

We have the clear choice to be whatever is our hearts' desire. We can create our own realities, with fewer constraints on our abilities to innovate and succeed.

And we can follow our bliss - that which most powerfully gladdens our hearts.

Our legend - imbued with relevance and meaning for each one of us - thus can actually serve as the platform from which we can grow our businesses.

When it can also be your Legend Platform, because its words are also your words, it will inspire you to feel and to know it as the powerful brand blueprint it's meant to be.

Let us know how we can change it up or explain it so it makes more sense to you. We are happy to help if you allow us.

Then you can choose your own words, which spring forth from your own mind, in the order of your own choosing.

Only then will your words - taken from our common language - inspire you to action.


An available book on Amazon, A Theory of Fun for Game Design, by Raph Koster, has recently caught my eye.

It's title - and its reviews - forced me once again to consider buying another information product I don't actually need!

Not to mention, spend an hour or so reading posts on his blog.

And you know, I've got too many unread books as it is! (But I want it anyway...)

Can't wait to hear Mark howl about this one. :)