Thursday, December 07, 2006

A few things on my pea-pickin' mind today...

(1) Ben Mack is being interviewed by Mark Joyner at Simpleology tonight at 7:00 CST.

You can sign up at for free and check out the Live Learning Event, called...

"Social Networking and MySpace - How I Attracted 500 friends in Less than 1 Week with a Brand New Profile"

Ben is going to tell us how he found happiness, and how he now knows what it's really like to party...

...and you can visit the link to his blog on your right at Think Two Products Ahead - ahead of time.

While you're at it, visit his roommate's (Wes Unruh) blog too, at Online Prosperity Education (below Ben's link) for some further insights about MySpace.

(2) Jason Mangrum tells me he's purging his list...and hangin' it up with internet marketing...

...which is why I'm going to be posting in his blog before too long.

(Had a comment almost ready to post, and, damn it, if the words disappeared from the screen beforehand, because I must have bumped into my mouse on my way to letting the cat out out of the bag...or something like it, I guess.)

I got an email from him about how he had an issue with some kind of autoresponder malfunctioning and had decided to change course with his online marketing efforts anyway.

We haven't met Jason yet but certainly applaud his sentiments! These machines can bite us on the ass whenever we least expect them to...

Visit him at

(3) Jason Cox - or JJ - has also sent me an email I actually remembered too. He's looking for some help to co-develop a new open source web conferencing platform, still in alpha stage, at

His last co-creation, with Hardik Sanghvi,, has been purchased by MySpace co-founder Brad Greenspan’s new company, Live Universe.

All of these things remind me of how little we can accomplish financially in life without some inspiration and a few partners-in-crime to get us further on down the road.

How it is we conspire to have a litle fun is what it's all about!