Friday, December 01, 2006

Daniel Levis has a new blog we discovered today...and, as we were invited to post a comment regarding Web 2.0 and social networking, we did.

My comment is posted below his, and you can, of course...

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...posted, as is our wont, under mainspring mindshares

While we're in favor of symbiotic relationships we especially like to read just about anything Daniel writes - as we're not naturally disinclined to learn something new when the mood is right. His being Canadian, we're inclined towards neighborliness - even if we don't remember our neighbors' our own neighborhoods.

Copywriting is a skill which is not easy to master, especially if one is not possessed with a killer instinct, which is what successful closers must also possess in order to successfully consummate a particular business transaction.

Or close the I, the self-styled sales manager, at one time would often exclaim - usually by shouting.

In the beginning of our online internet marketing education, Mark and I both were troubled by this whole notion that secrets, tactics, and strategies must be devised if we wanted to make money selling information products.

But we kept on keeping on, and before we knew what hit Mark recently stated, "These internet marketers! I'm sooo getting it now!"

And I just had to laugh. Because Mark doesn't have the stamina to even read a long sales letter, let alone get interested in how to sell with "spoken words on a page - virtual or otherwise".

For me, I was astonished at all the stuff I would buy - mostly because I figured I could sell it to someone else.

For him, it's akin to having to take out the garbage - just another unpleasant chore!

If anyone can sell something to Mark...well, all I can say is, "Good luck!"

Mark ain't buying secrets, tips, tactics, or strategies - ever. And he ain't even gonna read what you have to say, because, if you're sellin', he just ain't buyin'!

Mark considers that the internet is his playground; and designing websites just happens to be what he does for a living.

So how does one go about getting to Mark's wallet, I wonder?

Remember, he ain't buyin', Bubba - he's sellin'!

As for me, I'll stay focused on how to monetize my investment - of time, energy and money - by becoming a new kind of capitalist.

First, I'll surreptitiously relearn how to be popular by unlearning what it means to be a social climber...or, you know, whatever it takes.