Thursday, March 01, 2007

The Secret

Mark gets viscerally bent out of shape when he even sees or hears these words - usually an adjective followed by secret. He's got young kids at home so I can't get him to cuss; but he sure as hell doesn't mind laughing or throwing out some viciously sarcastic comment, or impatiently pining for an immediate change of direction... whenever he's in the presence... of this discouraging and revolting word... whether within earshot... but especially at the sight of it... especially online!

Last night's teleseminar with Stu McLaren, the super (I'm sick of this overused 70s word too!) affiliate marketing manager, and Ray Edwards, the big time copywriter, revealed this filthy word to be right down there with the worst of them - particularly amongst those words which have been thoroughly tested with copy used in the vulturous internet marketing niche - all this according to the Ray Man himself, who represents he's also a fanatical tester.

First, here's the 5 best tested words (converted best, and made more money) employed by copywriters in this niche:


Next, he revealed the 5 worst tested words (converted worst, and made less money) employed by copywriters in this niche:

you A big - but pleasant - surprise

I found myself cheering these revelations! So happy was I to hear this information that I was moved to actually chime in at the end of the call, during a Q & A session.

Both of these guys, it needs to be said, are people for whom I have an enormous regard - probably because both come across as so damn transparent and, well... just likable.

They present themselves as experienced professionals with integrity - and unafraid of new ideas.

Stu was promoting an upcoming seminar here in Dallas on this teleseminar; and Ray had just released a high-value-quotient copywriting course for which I had seriously held an interest - and he would be one of its speakers too.

So I asked Ray to comment on these 3 words...


... which I suggested might be included in an expanded worst words list... because I thought these words to ultimately be divisive words, as opposed to being unifying words... and I was researching ways to put in place a structure for my persuasion (sales) efforts ahead.

I also intimated that beyond mere words which turned me off - and I couldn't agree more with his findings - words and perceptions which turned me on in a sales letter, for instance, were those which (who?) at least hinted...

... we actually are all just perennial students... and one might best connect to others simply because one demonstrates an extraordinary knowledge of a particular subject... and one exudes a certain genuine enthusiasm to engage others... who, in turn, might wish to share in this same enthusiasm for similar knowledge too.

Ray answered, in effect, that certain framing issues (my words, not his) were rather standardized (my words again) but that generally context (Ray's word) and circumstance (mine) were the guiding lights for what better would serve one's purposes in the end (you guessed it - my words again!).

For which I, naturally, thanked him for his plausible answers.

So can this discussion provide us a clue for what is meant by the attractor factor - since I always seem to be drawn to other writers and marketers - like you maybe?

And could this portend a possible meaning of the secret too?

Ya know... I can't truthfully tell ya.

What I DO know is we're all gluttons for knowledge about how to make more money...

... some of us ethically...

... but just don't **** with me and try to sell me your latest-and-greatest version of the secret either, okay?

You don't wanna get on my worst side... as I'm wont to be a little irrational sometimes - and just might ****in' explode!

There... that'll learn ya!

It's one law of attraction principle proven - and guaranteed - to teach you a damn lesson...

... lest your filthy ill-gotten gains come right back to haunt ya... my secret friend!


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