Thursday, March 08, 2007

Law of Attraction Guru and Big-Time Marketer Ask:

“If you had 30 seconds to ask me any question about the Law of Attraction or my Success Principles, what would your single, most important question be?”

Dear Law of Attraction Guru and Big-Time Marketer,

I’ve got more than 30 seconds, if you do - and I won't charge you one thin dime for my time!

What do you have to say about the blowback I've witnessed on the internet lately concerning the unconscionable and blatant selling of secrets by certain of those so willing to prey on the confused and miserable amongst us?

Does this kind of predation really spell S-U-C-C-E-S-S in your book?

No disrespect is intended here - I earnestly just want your answer!

What I'd really like to hear is a simple response to what I maintain is the egregious misuse of simple words by so-called experts out to make a buck.

Is this at all ethical? Or is it ethical in a capitalist system to continue to fleece the flock so long as the sheeple keep allowing it?

When you and your peers get together do you do a happy dance, or high five each other, in the same way that airport pickpockets or cabals of oligarchs with politicians safely in the bag often do... before doing lunch at some swanky restaurant to compare notes on your ongoing respective marketing campaigns?

Do you ever wonder... when these lurid dishonest practices will ever end?

As for me, I've had direct experience from birth with success-driven family members, including myself; and I can tell you emphatically that authoritarianism is run amok and utilitarianism too often ignored in America for any semblance of the meaning behind The Golden Rule* to have any lasting real impact on these success mongers of today.

Change is indeed the order of the day, gentlemen – just not the kind some of us insist on peddling!

If you’re at all interested in co-opting some or all of my words in your revised message, I can help separate you from the wolf pack, and assist your heartfelt efforts to truly change hearts and minds for the betterment of humanity.

After all, a LIFE – and an opportunity to influence lasting remedial changes for a sustainable bright future – is a terrible thing to waste!

Contact me in confidence - I'm the attractor factor you just may need to save you from yourself.


Mark and Lark

[P.S. – *This simple admonition may be the only lasting contribution worth remembering from our Judeo-Christian heritage. If this be important why not ask ourselves if what we say and do strictly abides by this golden rule – and rebuild our personal and societal foundations from there – while there’s still time?]