Thursday, April 05, 2007

Masters of the Secret

I borrowed or practically stole these words - from the masters of the secret - for your titillation... and personal pleasure.

Please feel free to take 'em or leave 'em... as you wish.

Wanna know another secret? (I wrote 'em down for my own foolish pleasure before yours!)

These are words you will find no where else... so keep it a secret - okay? ;)

Notions about the nature of "You" and "I"... are manufactured from overactive imaginations... resulting in consumer products battling it out for shelf space in the public bazaar... with other notions and consumer products.

To understand this phenomenon is to see that false assumptions about who... or what we think... or pretend we are... cause conflict... often leading to wars.

And this conflict leads to wars being fought inside ourselves just the same way.

So you see how it is? Now ask yourself, "Who or what started this argument... which led to conflict... suffering... and war - you or me - or those other people over yonder?"

Could this have started because you allowed yourself to be packaged - like a consumable product... to be bought and sold... on the auction block... of the public square?

Our busy-ness in life is our economy; and value in a capitalistic economy is measured by stuff and things or wealth and power.

And many times... perception is reality.

Natural economy recognizes man is nothing without his own resources (stuff) and those of his environment (things).

Wealth is stuff and things we collect so we can be perceived to have power.

Energy is everything – nothing exists without it - including power.

Law Of Attraction: Like Energy = Like Energy

Wealth and power, stuff and things – including money – are valuable, but do not equate to goodness or happiness or richness.

Nothing lasts; everything else doesn't matter so much – except in this instance.

Pleasure tells us easily what is good and what is bad - everything in between is either not-so-good or not-so-bad... if not both.

What you consume is what you become. This, in turn, informs who you believe you are... and what you want others to believe you are. You attach yourself to what you would want others to see you attached to... because it's been group-tested... and approved by those you've permitted to have this power over you - especially this notion (idea) of yourself.

Attachment = Desire = Suffering

Gratitude = Love = Serenity

Words which divide us weaken us - words which unite us, empower us.

But then, never forget: Words become names. And names become name games. Like before you were born when you were... assigned, tagged, stamped, labeled, packaged as... named... a proper name.

When you were a child... remember "sticks and stones can break my bones but words (names) can never hurt me?"

At the time, was this a question, or an exuberant rhyme put to memory - all in the spirit of childish fun and games?

How easily we forget!

Utilitarian ethical principles which inform our actions, and authoritarian constructs which inform our beliefs, must be reconciled in order to begin to live free from guilt.

Commonality of Purpose = Acceptance of Shared Responsibility

Faith is not belief; nor is it borne from an authoritarian construct.

Belief is borne from fear of survival; but faith knows nothing about fear.

Mindfulness = Creation (breathe in) + Desire (breathe out)

Be here now - all else before and after is illusory and deceptive.

Words - and their meanings - are attachments. Without these signs and symbols what have we left?

Care to comment?

Is something missing?

Agree... or... disagree?

Got any questions... or answers?

Change to taste. What good is this stuff without you at least substituting or using your own stupid words?

Now... the secret's out... and it's no longer a secret - it's all yours!

Consider yourself anointed.


[Note: These words may be subject to editing or revision... whenever... for whatever reason. So go ahead and blink... turn away... and poof - they'll be gone!]