Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Head Docs Live!

Judith & Jim | Alex Giorgio

These online surveys and Ask-style marketing campaigns are sometimes irresistible to me - after all, why wouldn't a know-it-all like me not relish the idea of providing my stupid opinion, or possibly helping somebody out with some dumb answer I might could provide?

But then I also make it a rule to participate only with those who more-than-likely won't get bent-out-of-shape by my responses either!

Cases in point are husband-and-wife psychologist team Judith Sherven and Jim Sniechowski; and Alex Giorgio - all three more than up-to-the-task of entertaining someone as lazy and stupid as me.

Tomorrow night they'll be holding forth in a 2-hour online tele-course entitled, "How Do You Know Your Soul's Calling?"

Check it out! You'll find these head docs are not so much into psycho-babble so much as they're genuinely motivated to inspire others to greatness.

And this is something I can get behind - especially since I want everyone I know to be great, including Mark!

Now Mark doesn't know this yet, but I'm gonna let Mark foot the bill on this one too... just you wait and see... as they're asking for a wee bit of funny money for this... and it'd be my guess to be a bargain at that!

[P.S. - Oh yea, I had already responded to an earlier Judith and Jim campaign before this one, included below. Naturally, for amusement purposes only. <<{{:>)]


"If you had just one question to ask about your soul’s calling, what would that question be?"

I submit laziness and stupidity - framed properly - can sell... since these attributes have been maligned for too long in our capitalistic society.

These are appellations which hardly apply to anyone I know or have ever known, mind you. It’s difficult to be slothful and idiotic, even to barely get by in this world.

But, hey, I’m living proof it works for me!

Would you agree? Given the disaster many have made of their lives - with all the wrong turns, false starts-and-stops, emptiness, and resultant stress, etcetera - this news may come as welcome comic relief for many others.

I like being lazy and stupid because I feel I live life more playfully and joyfully and experience just as much, if not more, than when I was industrious, in a hurry, and always felt compelled to be "smart" about every action I chose to take.

This, for me, was a startling revelation, one which has allowed me to be quite productive in realizing my ambitions nevertheless... and, all this, despite the naysayer inside me who finds this notion preposterous.

Nowadays, this naysayer (Mr. Chatterbox) exists in my mind to keep me amused – much like the court jester (“talking head”) entertains the kings and queens of commerce and polity to this day!

I find my connections with everything and everyone contained in my daily experiences to be more vivid and exponentially more real.

If I never sell this idea it will have all been in good fun; and I will leave it as my legacy...

... As I insist it's good for the soul to slow down enough to enjoy life and save my focus for a more meaningful contribution... true to my “soul’s calling”.


Mark and


Judith and Jim

"What would you like to have known when you first started marketing on the internet that would have made everything less frustrating and more profitable right from the start?"

Statement of clearly-defined, self-directed principles - grounded in unimpeachable evidence for the personal values of faith and self-reliance - meant to pave the way ahead for purposeful action.

After this is accomplished successfully, because it was created by me, with guidance from a participatory group effort, I'd want to be self-directed to synthesize what I’d learned into as few words as possible, and write them down into a personal guide - or outline - of sorts.

The same exercise format would inform me as to the path I would take as a beginning internet marketer.

And what I'd be left with is a series of step-by-step action plans... within a formal step-by-step business plan... to include sales projections and an exit strategy for each step along the way.

Utilitarian principles - with a solid understanding of authoritarian constructs - would inform every action... and passion would serve as my inspiration.

At this point I’d study persuasion strategies.

I'd be reminded of the futility of swallowing an elephant whole; but this would be balanced by identifying what my life's purpose is, and what stories I want told about me and/or my products and services.

Before creating the business plan I'd want to know if my intention is for my work to live on in others after my life's journey is done.