Thursday, November 23, 2006

We live in a world not entirely of our own creation and we’ve been forced to adjust to the reality on the ground. Along the way we've chosen to adapt, constantly striving to preserve any aspect of our uniqueness whenever and wherever we can.

But we know we are being swept along, like by the tide of a great oceanic current which ultimately cares little for our survival or our happiness. It is a feeling sometimes like being engaged in combat. A struggle not of our own choosing...again.

So we are struggling to get another grip, to gain another foothold, at every turn it seems.

This struggle is ideologically rooted in whether or not we become mired in the onslaught of our best intentions, or we become its victims; so struggle we must - for our very survival in this crazy mixed-up world.

Which is why we must constantly reexamine our definition of struggle - and what it is really are our best intentions.

And we want so much more than just to struggle, as our purpose demands more meaning.

What is it anyway that makes us so special? Why do we even have the right to feel this urge to be special?

Maybe it's because we know how to love. We know it because it has been bestowed upon us, and we bestow this feeling toward others. We know it because we really feel it. And we tend to like it. To crave it constantly.

Somehow we sense that knowing and feeling Love must begin with loving ourselves first, then allowing it to flow naturally towards others. Not too dissimilar in the way the tides ebb and flow in an unstoppable sea of change, or the sun rises and sets, the air we breathe is invisible all around us, we know Love is subject to the Natural Law which rules our existence.

But we also know Love is unevenly distributed - subject to the whims of Nature, Time and our own human failings. All the while, we carry on with our busy-ness.

When we understand the truth of our physical reality we know that Change is the one constant in our lives which knows no bounds; and Nature and Time subject us to their own grand designs.

Our paths will cross many times in this life. Perhaps not always physically, but most certainly in our thoughts and our musings about what it means to each one of us - to feel and to give of this great gift we call Love.

And it is for Love we can truly be thankful to be here...soldiering onward together.

Thank you for sharing this with us. Today, let's all give special thanks - let's give in - to Love.

Happy Thanksgiving!