Thursday, October 19, 2006

Dave Navarro is one memorable person we met recently at Ben Mack's cool Think Two Sales Ahead workshop in Atlanta. Awash with simple, executable ideas for helping us, he impressed Mark and I both with his breadth of knowledge and sincerity.

Something in Dave's DNA keeps him sooo focused on whomever he's listening to or speaking to...that is so refreshing and inspirational.

And it was all we could do to redirect his attention away from our needs and concerns long enough to find out more about what makes Dave tick. After all, we simply don't run into such naturally caring people every day, and our own piddly interests seemed to pale in comparison to our interest in Dave anyway.

Be that as it may, what we learned about this remarkable fellow is he's overcome some tremendous obstacles from his earliest formative years and had identified his life's journey from a time before he became a teenager. He's known what his life's purpose was before most of us got out of Little League or Girl Scouts!

Dave is one ready, steady guy we are proud to call a new friend and life partner - and, as a professional life coach, he's THE one we'd like always to be in our corner.

When FOCUS, ORGANIZATION and RESULTS matter most...we'll go to the guy who's NOT the rock star...OUR guy is

Thanks for allowing us the pleasure, Dave!